... 12 Years in Romania

Even there is the risk to be criticized, I will try to make a radiography of what it's left from the certifications area in Romania, which in my opinion contributed to the sensitive situation in which the country is now. How? 

Through the complicity of the certification bodeis to transform many companies as eligible to btain contract with the state authorities, thus producing 2 irremediable effects: 

1.     the quality of services, products and works has reached the lowest work level, an easy established thing    

2.     obtaining an ISO certificate in Romania has become a much simpler process than buying a subscription to the local public transport 

Another problem aspect in this field is the lack of a market surveillance body, which led to the spending of huge amounts of money over the past 15 years, money spent for consultancy services and management systems certificates, which simply haven't done nothing but deplete the state units treasuries, while this are operating on 12 years old, without licenses computers and the infrastructure is totally unacceptable.  

We are talking about 12 years, during which AJA Registrars Romania resisted all temptations and with a constant stubbornness refused material advantages at the expense of ethics. 

We draw the line and after 12 years AJA Romania can be proud with: 

1.      The same team that we went on the road with in 2004 (with some exceptions of course), which from my point of view is ours most important achievement

2.     Our clients belong to the "honorable" category, people that speak through their achievements, people of their word, modest, hard working and extremely fair

3.      We have over 5000 issued certificates 

4.     We have over 8000 persons trained through AJA Academy 

5.     We developed new products in various fields, such as: QMark, RS 2000, Perfect Air, Mobil Team and Academy 

6.     We were constantly ranked in the Top Companies for the last 9 years 

Launching the new website coincides with the launch of our newest product, ACADEMY module which we hope will become a platform, where, in particular young people can access trainings at decent prices, in order to gain knowledge which enables them to grow without limits. 

We strongly belive that the implementation and maintenance of the Management Systems lead to effectveness, efficiency and profitability, the 12 years of activity in Romania stand as our witness, and our witnesses are our customers whom we thank on this way for their trust in our ability and competence. 


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