Doctors declare that vaccines can cause hemolytic uremic syndrome

On the inetrnet page, dr. Ştiuriuc Simona, taking medical information generally accepted and known by specialists, states that among the causes hemolytic uremic syndrome vaccines are included. It's about: triple antigen influenza vaccine, typhoid paratyphoid vaccine tyeps A and B, polio vaccine (and also hepatitis vaccine – see below – my note), informs us

Furthermore, recent studies from the UK, US, Turkey etc. deal extensively with examples of pediatric medical practice, the causal link between vaccines and various haemolytic uraemic syndrome, in some cases resulted with the death of the patient-child. Moreover, these medical articles it is emphasized that the specifics outbrakes and manifestation of the mentioned syndrome has changed due to the introduction of vaccines. 

Cu alte cuvinte, boala este diferită față de ceea ce era cunoscut anterior, astfel încât controlul simptomelor este mult mai dificil și necesită o reconsiderare a tratamentului și a factorilor de risc.

In the book of the german professor Wolfgang Ehrengut, former member of the STIKO German Commission Referral of Vaccines ("The experiences of an expert for cases of post vaccination injury in Germany between 1955-2004“) it is described on page. 126-127 one case of hemolytic uremic syndrome with terminal renal failure caused by polio vaccine and officially recognized as a post vaccine injury by a court in Hanover in 2002. (file no. 31/02/2-401 191).

On the 26th of February, Emil Popa primary pediatric doctor from Pediatrics Hospital Pitesti, said at a press conference:

„And polio vaccine, which is given to children in thir first months of life, can have side effects, in time, the kind that now we meet at the babies diagnosed with hemolytic uremic syndrome. And to one of the two children recently sent to Bucharest  it was given that vaccine. I do not want to generate panic among parents. I'm just saying that this trail should be taken into consideration.. Vaccine batches should be checked.“ 

The doctor added that including him suffered serious side effects caused by a vaccine: „In 2001, I was paralyzed from the neck down, for 10 days, due to adverse reactions given by the flu vaccine. At that time, the Public Health manager from Arges wasn't allowed to speak. If we are not allowed to talk even now …“ ( via (…)



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