how I got to produce air purifiers

In February 2010, we purchased two promising Oreck air purifiers that were promissing an efficiency of 99% with a pompous description and a movie where it was shown how this device swallows smoke like a cow swallowing grass.

Smoke was disappearing but the smell was persisting and not having what do I pulled several thousand euros from the treasury and bought a particles counter that showed me what I suspected ... I was deceived on the basis that no manufacturer does not believe that a the consumer will pay 10 times the price to check the purchase (it's like buying an Electromagnetic Spectrum of tens of thousands of euro to check if the TV he bought has indeed the promised millions of colors) 

After this unfortunate moment I started to purchase from everywhere that promised 99% efficiency and I found with amazement that only IQAir respected its promise and so I decided in a minute that I want to prove that I can make a device that has actual demonstrated 99% effectiveness, but more to classify indoor air quality (aspired air quality) and in addition to cover the sustainability requirements, accessibility to filters, noise and a clear separation between polluted air streams from the filtered one.  

It took exactly 20 months form the decision to the first packed device, a hard road with thousands of hours of research, design, manufacture and testing of prototypes, hours that I thought will never end.

The hardest thing was finding suppliers that we hoped we will find in Romania but unfortunately we only had 2 solutions: China (that was representing a compromise) or the rest of the world (where the demand is a demand).  

So we came to manufacture the Perfect Air Purifiers only from components imported from: Japan, USA, Great Britain, Germany, Spain and Austria, the only components imported from China were the remotes and in Romania we made the interior components and metal processing, the painting and assembly. 

Perfect Air devices are not the most beautiful in the world but for sure they do what they promise, because we don't lie. 


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