Hospitals & Surgery rooms    

ProMedical - Professional equipment of filtration and sterilization of air, designed and manufactured specifically for suregry rooms, intensive care, sterlization, neonatology.

It is the spearheding we produce and accumulates all the technologies from the other devices. The calibration of this device took 9 months in which were conducted over 1000 tests of efficiency, noise, flow rate, reliability, endurance and micriaeroflora analysis.

Filter technology for Promedical

The filtering system is composed form 4 filter media:

  • prefilter = G2+F7 retention capacity 85%

  • H14 filter = efficiency from 99,99995% - 4 pieces

  • active carbon for all filter types

  • germicidal-bactericidal UV lamp without ozone emissions

  • filtres treated with TiO2 (photocatalytic)

In the medical sector, the necessity to implement methods for monitoring air quality in areas with high risk - respectively controlled environment rooms, is particulary important, in order to mantain these spaces to a high biosafety level and to protect both the patient from possible nosocomila infections originating from the anvironment, and the exposed medical staff. Further more it is a MANDATORY provision form the Hospitals Accreditation Standards.


The device is CE certificated for surgery rooms and hospitals

  • CE MARKINGS - according to certificate no. 280 /06.09.2011 prolonged in 2013 and 2015

  • Authorization to place in the market: RO-2011-10-EEE-1583-I


General data

  • stainless steel device with ceiling positioning

  • 360 degrees aeration

  • maximum flow 1200 mc/h

  • dimensions 540x540x220 mm

  • weight 18 Kg


Technical details

  • 99,9991% efficiency at the air exit from the device and 99,994% (speed 3) in the test room (100mc) after 30 minutes

  • minimum efficiency 94% after 5 minutes (mandatory between surgerys)

  • maximum air flow 1200 mc/h suitable for maximum 60 sm x 3m height with 6 recirculations and maximum 40 sm x 3m height with 10 recirculations (mandatory for surgery block)

  • germicidal-bactericidal UV lamp (mandatory for class A)

  • particle sensor = automatic system for adjusting calibrated engine speed according to ISO14644 standard (Clean Rooms)

  • temperature and humidity sensors with display on display

  • noise level 37-60 dba measured from a distance of 3 meters

  • energy consumption = 60-180 watt

  • zero ozone emission


Filtering efficiency: 99,997% = proving with particle counting device       

The device has automatic warning system on display for filters change

  • F1/F2  - indicator for filter set exchange

  • Filters set lifetime 3500 hours (about 1 year at 10 hours/day)


Filters supplies (manufactured exclusively by AJA Registrars Romania) :

  • 4 filters set HEPA14- Price: 600 Lei

  • prefilter – Price: 150 lei



  • the particel sensor (made in Japan) is calibrated according to ISO 14644-Clean Rooms and recalculates the classification every 3 minutes

  • display of level of device eficiency in the room: 0-74%=unclassified, 75-82%=ISO9, 83-90%=ISO8, 91-95%=ISO7, 95-98%=ISO6, 99%=ISO5

  • conventional surgery room ISO6-7 and for transplant rooms ISO5

  • intensive care, sterilization, neonatology, etc are in class ISO8

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