ProPublic is a device built specifically to remove odors and gaseous particles such as cigarette smoke, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and particulate matter (PM) and is recommended for: restaurants, bars, beauty salons, public workspaces, waiting areas, areas reserved for smoking, etc.

ProPublic is a special device designed for capturing cigarette smoke and other contaminants from the air, the filtration system consisting of 6 media filters  with an efficiency of 95% on a single pass (eg. the smoke from a cigarette produces about 450 million particles and at the exit of the device there are 15,000 decomposed particles).


Sistemul de filtrare:

  • 2 prefilters = one for larger particles and one for cigarette smoke (Active Carbon  4 layers production Germany and UK)
  • 4 H12 filtres  + Active Carbon retention capacity of 95,8%(production Austria)
  • germicidal-bactericidal UV lamp for air sterilization
  • ProPublic uses 3 different types of filters on from coal charcoal produced in Germany and UK, positioned in cascade and were tested in rooms with a concentration above 1000 ppm (particles / million).


Technical details

  • 98% efficiency after a single pass  of air from the device
  • Maximum drawn air flow is  1500 mc/h suitable to a space of: 250 sm at 6 recirculations/h or 150 sm at 10 recirculations/h
  • it functions on an Automatic system also = sparticle sensor, COV, carbon monoxide and scents.
  • temperature and humidity sensors with display on display
  • noise level 40-64 dba at a 3 meters distance
  • energy consumption = 60-180 watt
  • germicidal-bactericidal UV lamp 5000 hours lifetime
  • zero ozone emission
  • dimensions 540x540x220 mm only with ceiling positioning
  • 360 degrees aeration
  • weight 17 Kg manufactured from stainless steel powder coated
  • Warning on display for filters change: F1-change filters; F2 - change prefilter
  • Filters set lifetime 3500 hours (about 1 year at 10 hours/day)



  • the particle sensor (made in Japan) recalculates the classification of the interior air quality every 3 minutes
  • display of level of device eficiency in the room according to ISO14644
  • classification of the level of contamination was determined by tests with counter particle, detector of carbon monoxide and VOCs in automatic system operation of the device.


The device has automatic warning system on display for filters change

  • F1/F2  - indicator for filter set exchange
  • Filters set lifetime 3500 hours


Supplies price: manufactured exclusively by AJA Registrars Romania

  • Active Carbon prefilter (2 layers)+F10+G4= 150 lei
  • H124 filtre et + active carbon = 600 lei
  • Filters set lifetime 3500 hours


Device price: 4800 Ron (including VAT)  .... price includes filters and transportation.

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