Quality in Hospitals

In 2015 all references that regulates Hospital activities changed, respectively: 

  1. ISO 900:2008 became ISO 9001: 2015 and documentation and competences must be updated
  2. Order 946/2005 became Order 400/2015 
  3. Hospital Accreditation System has an Indicators update but it is also introducing Annual Surveilance starting from November 2015. 


AJA Medical platform ensures an accessible Online Top Management Dashboard, form anywhere and from any type of device (computer, mobile phone, tablet) and provides the following facilities: 

  1. Tracking of all daily activities
  2. Online systems for completing and upgrading the daily tasks of the institution for each department, person, deadlines. 
  3. Tracking the mode and degree of implementation of the requirements of the Board of Directors and the regulations in force. 
  4. Tracking the mode and levels of Departmental and InterDepartmental Communication 
  5. Provides a Communication System between management and departments through Video-Live, Radio Live and through email notifications  
  6. Training System, Seminars, Conferences Video Live and/or recorded, centralized or departmental with auxiliary systems for testing, certification and control of participants 
  7. Documents Transfer System with automatic confirmation of receipt, loading and uploading 
  8. Controlled, secured and unlimited access 


With the help of the platform you will manage to highlight the following things: 

  1. a clear and global image of the disfunctionalities
  2. the persons who do not want or are unable to understand their role in institution
  3. competent persons with skills who you may not have known before
  4. real and fair system of evaluation of all employees in the unit
  5. you will easily identify all deviations from the procedures performed in the institution


Following options provided by AJA Medical are only for our clients

Option 1 = 2/3 days/audit (1 day with 2/3 auditors)

 1. unlimited access to the platform during the contract

 2. auditing Quality Management System 

 3. a private voice Live channel Radio  for internal communication

 Option 2 = 4/6 days/audit (2 days with 2/3 auditors)

 1. unlimited access to the platform during the contract

 2. auditing Quality Management System and Internal Managerial Control System 

 3. documentary audit according to Internal Managerial Control System

 4. access to live semniars according to Internal Managerial Control System

 5. 2 private voice Live channels Radio for internal communication

 Option 3 =  8-10 days/audit(2 days with 4/5 auditors)

 1. unlimited access to the platform during the contract

 2. auditing a management system of  Internal Managerial Control System and of  Accredited Standards

 3. documentary audit according to Internal Managerial Control System and to  Accredited Standards

 4. access to live semniars according to Internal Managerial Control System and to Accreditations Standards of the Hospitals

 5. 3 private voice Live channels Radio for internal communication

The Audit Report is sent to the institution within 7 days and it is automatically loaded to the platfor where we will follow: 

  1. staff training on the requirements that have generated nonconformities
  2. resolving and closing nonconformities
  3. impact analysis of identified nonconformities upon the whole management system  
  4. recommendations for preventive measures and activity improvement .


The Medical Unit that proves that it maintains a management system under current regulations will be automatically Certified according to QMark - Quality Mark.  

QMark certificate is not requested by anyone but it will make the DIFFERNCE between a medical unit that has a management system and one that "bought" a management system.



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