The first hospital in Romania to demolish prejudices

There is no person that gets more blamed in a hospital than the epidemiologist, the doctor in charge with the biosecutiry protocols and with the control and validation of disinfection processes.

I can after 5 years since I entered this field to express an opinion based on experience which is the fruit of all the situations that I met and that adds up to solving biosafety in hospitals through the use of antibiotics in any quantity for solving nosocomial infections ( intra-hospital).

After all purchases of medical equipment, arrived with dedications and insufficient storage space for these, managers are in a position to refuse any minimal demand  that came on the line of biosecurity from the epidemiologist.

We did many microaeroflora tests in various hospitals in Romania and found that fear to recognize and report the existence of microaeroflora containing pathogens is so strong that this subject is almost taboo.

160 years ago, Florence Nightingale demonstrated that hygiene in hospitals is mandatory for the medical act to be complet.

15% of Nosocomial infections are due to the Air Quality with all its components: loads of microaeroflora, temperature, humidity, difference in pressure and air flows.

There is no doctor that does not know and realize that loads of microaeroflora within a hospital could be compared to a destructive fleet of pathogenic agents transport  (viruses, bacteria, fungi) that do nothing else but look for suitable places to developing colonies extremely dangerous for our health but which are kept under control with antibiotics. What will happen when they will delay 1-2 days, only God knows. 

Doctors know and advise that prevention is the mother of health and are more aware of the danger they live in day to day working in conditions impossible to determine. 

Romania is the only EU country that does not have a nosocomial infections guide and legal rules for the implementation of surveillance and control of nosocomial infections. Why? ... simple;is an area that spends billion of euros annually and if we do not have infections we don't have and patients and if we don't have patients we don't sell ... anything.

Air Quality certification in Hospitals is a mandatory requirement for  hospitals functioning in the entire civilized world.

Air Quality in Hospitals should be in 2015 a common sense requirement not a mandatory one.

Doctors you must do everything that's possible  not to wake the lawyers.


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