What kind of purifier do I choose?


The role of the table below is to immediately understand the difference between an air purifier and a device that calls its self an air purifier


 ProMedical   ProClinic   ProPublic   AirOne/Artel   Oreck(USA)   IQAir(Switzerland)   BlueAir(Sweden)   MadeinChina 


     99,99%     99,4%     98%       15%       15%       99,99%            75%      30-50%

     Noise (dbA)

      39-65     39-55     39-65      40-60      38-55        35-65          35-52       40-60

 Maximum flow(mc/h)

      1200      300     1500       1600        150         250            400       max 150

   Particle sensor

       yes      yes     yes         no         no          no             no           no

  Auto Speed Change

       yes       yes      yes         yes         no          no             no           no

        UV lamp

        da       yes       yes         no         no          no             no           yes

      Weight (kg)

        17     8,7     17      25       3,5        15             15        1,7-4

    Device price (lei)

      4960     1860      4340      4938       1860       5400           1700       300-700

  Supplies Price per Year (lei)

       600      275      613        without        without         800           500    not known


If you want to buy an air purifier we recommend that you ask the producer/trader to prove (not theory) that the device has real declared effectiveness.

Effectiveness can be demonstrated/calculated only with a particle counter ... and not with illusionistic demonstrations, certificatins, certificates or "celebrity" statements. 

Under deceiving marketing practises (illusionistic tests, pompous descriptions, nonexistent certifications etc) many of the so aclled air purifiers are in fact expensive fans.

  1. "Oreck ProShield Purifier (the top product) reduces the risk of catching a cold by eliminating all common germs and allergens. Orek gave up his campaign after FTC fined the company with $750.000, because the company does not have the necessary competence and did not give the court serious scientific evidence to sustain their statements"  Money.ro
  2. Purifiers (to be read Fans) from AirOne and Artel are the most eloquent case of how Restaurants, Cafes, Bars etc. owners were and still are deceived, with this pseudo-purifiers speculating the despair of venues owners in their battle with cigarette smoke .... and presenting them a long list of deluded units.

Some will explain to you how to decide when buying an air purifier (...from them!!!) and beacuse of this we prefer to let the test devices to speak.

The evaluation of an air purifier must be based on 5 important principles:

  • demonstarted capture and disposal effectiveness
  • human helath and pets safety
  • acceptable noise (under 35dbA man does not disntiguish sounds) intre 40-55dbA
  • sufficient flow for a minimum of 3-10 recircuations/hour for the desired space
  • correct price/performance ratio

AJA Registrars Romania has tested 27 devices using as test equipment: particle counter (0,3-5microns), spirometer, multigas detector (O2, CO, H2S, SO2, NO, NO2, NH3, H2, O3, CO2), sound meter, flowmeter based on the following evaluation criteria:

  1. Purifiers do not harm your health: minimum gas and zero ozone emanations.
  2. Gas and odors elimination is a mandatory requirement in case benefical results upon health are expected
  3. Quality manufacture of the device: casing, gaskets, seals, accurately assembly to ensure sub-micron particles filtartion efficiency.
  4. The design maximizes the lifetime of each filtering level  by allowing independent replacement of the filter and this is combined with electronic monitoring of filters. 
  5. The purifier has a long service life, maintenance requirements and operating costs are reasonable.
  6. The purifier produces a low noise level and significant air flow in realtion to noise
  7. The purifier is valued according to the price/performance ratio.
  8.  The manufacturer must keep the transparency and be able to cope with consumer complaints.
  9. The most important factor: effectiveness in capturing and removing particles a minimum of 95% (one pass)
  10. Correctly caluculated debit for a minimum of 3-4 recirculations/hour 

Recommendations when purchasing an air purifier:

  • request proof for the efficiency of the device otherwise you risk to buy a fan
  • make sure that teh device is not dangerous for your health; ozone emission=0 (especially for those with electrostatic filters, UV lamps)
  • ask for supplies gurantee and their price, otherwise you will wake up afetr a year and the dealer is gone or the price of the consumables has tripled
  • pay attention for device origin documents and  certificates
  • stay away from devices that "do not need supplies" (does anyone know a top product in any field that is related to health, cleaning and hygiene which operates without supplies?) 
  • HEPA/ULPA filters are the only one accepted by the medical world as a mandatory filtering component in an air purifier are the only one accepted by the medical world as a mandatory filtering component in an air purifier


From the diversity of air purifiers that are sold in Romania we compared 5 products form differnt classes, including ours, trying to be as objective as possible (in fact we left the measurement equipment to determine the outcome).

The results confirmed the existence of consumer deception practices through any means :

  • because the consumer can not verify the effectiveness of an air purifier in terms of presentations and pompous, it was found that this do not have the effectiveness of capture and removal of more than 50% (they are only suitable for large particles, which can be seen with the naked eye)
  • consumers are decieved especially when it comes to recommended surface, because no one takes time to make a simple calculation, for example: if the engine is of 250mc/h and I need a minimum of 3 recilculation/h, at a 2,6-2,7 meters height, the device is recommended for up to 30 square meters (Oreck displays a flow of 43mc/min which means 2500mc/h, but we ensure you that is has no more than 200mc/h because we have 2 purchased devices) 
  • electrostatic filters devices have the lowest efficiency and many of them are dangerous for the health

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